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Welcome to the KML Foundation, Inc.

Serving residents of Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties

Foundation Personnel

As with all his business decisions, Mr. Krauss strategically chose his Board Members and Trustees. Each member has a special skill and most importantly worked closely with Mr. Krauss and has knowledge of his wishes.

John E. Kearney, Sr. – President/Director

Mr. Kearney has served on numerous prestigious boards in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas. He has owned, operated and been officer to many companies throughout his career including those in the real estate, investment, and education industries.

Andrew T. Sirianni – Vice President/Director

Mr. Sirianni has been a personal friend of Mr. Krauss for more than thirty years and Vice President of his corporation for over ten years. His areas of expertise are in the management fields of manufacturing and real estate. He is also an active member of the Rough Rider volunteer organization and participates on the Lowry Park Zoo Board of Directors.

Walter G. Weinlander – Director

As a retired accountant, Mr. Weinlander has over fifty years experience as senior partner for Weinlander Fitzhugh. He has served on the board of directors for all of Mr. Krauss’s corporations.

Virginia R. Miller – Director

Mrs. Miller owned and operated a profitable business for forty years. As Mr. Krauss’s sister, her business’s success afforded her the ability to help finance many of his ventures. This business partnership began her role as a board member for all of Mr. Krauss’s corporations.

Kim S. Miller – Secretary/Treasurer

Ms. Miller, the niece of Mr. Krauss, is also a former successful entrepreneur who previously worked in the Krauss offices and served as board member for many of the Krauss corporations.

Charlene D. Moore – Controller

A former teacher and athletic director, Ms. Moore joined the Krauss corporations more than twenty years ago. She has extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and has served as director on various boards for the Krauss corporations for many years.

All the Board members and staff are available through our corporate office.